Elegant Sommarbröllop: Forest + Spencer

Vi har ett underbart sommarbröllop till er idag, då vi får se det eleganta bröllopet mellan Forest och Spencer, fotograferat av den begåvade Summer Soelberg. Bruden Forest berättar också om bröllopet och det fantastiska frieriet!

Glöm förresten inte bort att tävla om presentkort på smycken från Jewelrybox.se! Tävlingen på går till och med den 15e maj och du hittar tävlingen här.


Så träffades paret

Forest: Unlike so many of our friends who met on Tinder (no disrespect!), we actually became acquainted the old fashioned way...we were set up! We had a mutual friend, Nicole Christensen (The Small Fry Blog), who played matchmaker to utter perfection! I knew Nicole for a number of years and had just gotten out of what my friends would call a "terrible relationship." She told me she was going to find someone for me. Her husband, Dane, actually worked with Spencer. Dane was new to the company, but said that Spencer was very outgoing and sort of took him under his wing--good guy stuff. After a few months of working there, Nicole went by the office and met Spencer (ie: scouted him out!). At the time I was living in San Francisco and Spencer was living in Provo, but that did not stop Nicole and Dane from making the introduction.Coincidentally, I actually knew Spencer's family!! I had taught his nieces at The Dance Club for years, but never knew he existed! He had also never met me, but had been coming to my dance productions for years! You could say that this overlap in each others' lives, yet never formally meeting, was a fortunate stroke of serendipity, because we walked into each others' lives at the perfect time.

Bride squad


Forest: If you don't know Spencer, he "white gloves" everything! He is over-the-top in his presentation for romantics. He is so tricky too. He had me and my family believe that Saturday, April 30th was the day for the proposal. He told me to get my nails done early on Friday, April 29th so that he could take me fancy dress shopping for dinner the following night. Around 11am on Friday, he asked me to just meet him for lunch, last second, and that we'd go shopping afterward. I asked him where we were eating, and he said it was "just west of the freeway in Bountiful."  I said, "there is nothing West of the freeway in Bountiful" and I guess I should have known then, but as I exited and took a right, I found myself at an old airfield. Spencer was standing at the end of the runway next to a helicopter all ready to take off! Queue the butterflies. I nervously walked toward him, hugged him and we got on the chopper! We took the most beautiful flight over the mountains around Immigration Canyon, and eventually landed atop a mountain that looked over the valley. As we were descending, I saw 2 people below and I said, "oh, look babe, hikers!" We landed, Spencer helped me off the helicopter, got down on one knee and proposed! Of course, I said "yes!" To my absolute amazement, one of the "hikers" was actually my best friend that Spencer had flown up there earlier just to take pictures of the proposal. Loved loved loved every second of this day!

Wedding ceremony flowers

Om bröllopet

Forest: At first, I wanted a French-themed wedding. I have always loved Paris and the romance it exudes. But as I looked more and more into what it was that I liked about the French theme, it was the overall Classic look. So we went Classic! Black and white. Symmetrical lines. Tuxes. Beautiful accents of blush. The flowers naturally were stunning, with a hint of gold sparkle for glam!

Wedding entrance
Here comes the bride sign
wedding inspiration ceremony

Spencer om Forest

Some people are lucky enough to marry “the beauty”. Some get to marry their “best friend”. Others get to marry the kind & sweet “good girl”. Forest is what happens when you get all three!

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Forest om Spencer

What you love about each other: What I love about Spencer is his passion for life! He makes my world go round! He loves fiercely and enjoys every detail of life to the fullest!

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Tips till andra som planerar bröllop

Forest: Elope! Just kidding. But honestly, don't take things so seriously! Enjoy the wedding planning, and don't allow yourself to become too stressed over the little things, or what you can't control. Everyone is going to have opinions from the colors to the venue-or in our case, the date! Don't even get me started. But, remember, what matters most, at the end of the day, is you are married to your best friend! Also, get yourself a Maid of Honor who attends to the nitty gritty and gets things done! You will desperately need this resource on your wedding day! If you're really ahead of the game, you could simply hire Summer Soelberg who doubled as photographer and wedding director-in-chief! Absolutely loved her!


Fotograf: Summer Soelberg
Brudklänning: Pronovias (designer) Via The Bridal Closet (shop) in Utah.
Slöja: The Bridal Closet
Kort slöja: (wore for her exit) BHLDN
Hennes skor: BHLDN
Ring: Tiffany & Co
Kostym: Beckett & Rob
Hans skor: Nieman Marcus
Fluga: Topman 
Brudtärneklänningar: Chicwish
Florist: Erica Eddington Flowers
Bakverk: The Sweet Tooth Fairy
Pizza Food Truck: Fiore Wood Fired Pizza
Soda Food Truck: The Soda Truck