Bröllopsinspiration i hösttoner för alla säsonger

Hösten är härlig med dess skiftande färgnyanser i naturen. Men det är synd att den vackra färgpaletten inte lyfts fram och uppmärksammas lika ofta under årets övriga säsonger. Detta ville bröllopskoordinatorn och stylisten Anna Tkachuk ändra på och har med höstens färger som grund skapat en ljuvlig bröllopsinspiration som visar på att toner från hösten inte nödvändigtvis behöver vara knutna till just den säsongen.

Stylisten Anna Tkachuk berättar

I am always up for a challenge and I challenged myself with this styled shoot. Steering away from the shabby chic style I typically like to do and I did something completely different.

My goal in regards to the style was to combine elements of minimalism, the industrial look and tossed organic look together. Overall the look isn't crowded and there is room to breathe. Ashley, my wonderful calligrapher did a wonderful job keeping the paper goods simple and clean. Apart from the venue having the industrial look I incorporated that element through the metal pieces of furniture.

Trycksaker bröllop

The colors palette was inspired by fall. However I wanted to do a look that could be done anytime of the year. Rather than having the look scream fall, I wanted it to softly elude the fall colors and tones.

Thuy and Nikki, the florists, did a great job lightly including fall leaves and fall colors in the arrangements. They also added some seasonal fruit which was so beautiful! I played off of that idea by also adding the golden pears that also gave the tablescape a touch of fall. So while the fall colors are still there, they are toned down and soft, giving the overall shoot a much more mature look.

Dukning bröllop

My choice of linen for the sweetheart table was a soft, breathable and textured fabric that organically rested on the floor. I gave the napkins a tossed look to give the table an additional relaxed element. Continuing with the organic style, my amazing florists created natural garden style arrangements that perfectly tied into the shoot.


I also liked the idea of having a sharp contrast by adding black to the color scheme in order to create dimension and depth. Having the black touches allows the soft warm colors to really pop. Which leads me to my model, I was thrilled to come across Liza! Her warm hair color and skin tone perfectly fit in with the look we were going for! My sweet Macaron baker also played with this warm and dark color palette by providing cute and absolutely delicious cookies.


Basically, I had the ultimate dream team and a photographer who captured this fun and beautiful day so well. I always say, beautiful things happen outside of your comfort zone. But also, beautiful things happen when artists come together.

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