Norskt sommarbröllop: Therese + Thomas

Vi beger oss till grannlandet Norge för att uppleva Therese och Thomas bröllop som är förevigat av bröllopsfotografen Vegard Giskehaug. Therese och Thomas gifte sig den 9 juli 2016 och idag får vi ta del av deras bröllopsberättelse. 

We celebrated the day at the family lodge in Fredrikstad, a place we love to be. The inspiration was to reflect the cabin life. With boats that transported the guests to the cabin, flowers in jam glass, pennants and homemade beer. We wanted it to be informal, relaxed and have a summer vibe, with room for the guests to sleep over in tents for a big lunch the day after.

Thereses bästa minne från dagen

The best thing must be when I walked up the church floor and got an eye contact with Thomas my husband to be, we cried and laughed at each other and my stomach flooded with butterflies.

Om fotografen Vegard Giskehaug

Vegard is a good friend who was also a guest at the wedding and we never doubted that he was the one we wanted as a photographer. He has taken pictures of us before and how he managed to see motives, catch moments and the light is impressive. He made us smile and feel comfortable and we warmly recommend Vegard.

Tips till andra som planerar sina bröllop

Don’t worry about the things you didn’t get the time to fix or finish, nobody else will know about or notice it anyway.

Dare to do things differently than what the glossy magazines say you have to. The most important thing is that the wedding should reflect you. For us it was important to celebrate the day somewhere that matters to us and decorate with objects that matter.

Something we urge everyone else to do, is spending money on a good photographer. The images are the one thing you can look back at later to relive your wedding day. A good photographer manages to capture the important moments, the spontaneous moments and the spirit of the day. You have no control over which images are taken by yourself, and that responsibility becomes too big for a regular guest as well.

Thomas bästa minne

When I woke up in the lighthouse that we spent the night in the next day, I could look at my darling who had now become my wife. A good memory is also when took the boat to the lighthouse, there was a beautiful pink sunrise and a calm sea. The guests stood on the jetty and waves goodbye, and when we got there we sat by the lighthouse to think through and imagine what a wonderful day this had been and how lucky we are that so many people were there just to celebrate our love.

Fotograf: Vegard Giskehaug Photography 
Brudklänning: Olivia Grace - Calla
Hårstylist: Therese Hoff hairdresse
Makeup: Cesilie Pettersen
Kostym: Walker Slater Tailors
Thomas accessoarer: Gant
Plats: Brudens familjehus på Strømangenangen utanför Fredrikstad