Förlovningsfotografering: Keilah + Kudzai

Keilah och Kudzai har länge haft en långdistansförhållande, då Keilah bor i USA och Kudzai i Sverige. Fotografen Louise Johansson, Wild Stories, mötte paret i Stockholm när de träffades igen efter en längre tid isär för att fånga känslorna av återseendet. Mitt under fikat på ett café friar dessutom Kudzai till sin Keilah. 

Se parets återseende och läs om hur de träffades i en fin berättelse längre ner.


Paret berättar

Kudzai and Keilah met while attending university in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Little did they know that the girl from Honduras would eventually fall in love with the boy from Africa. They met and then went their separate ways. They chatted once or twice via social media, but there were no sparks, no feelings, just two acquaintances.
Five years later, Kudzai was living in Budapest and Keilah was living in the US. On a trip to London, Kudzai posted a picture of Tower Bridge and Keilah asked the question, "Did you move?" The question opened the door for a conversation, that led to hours of sharing thoughts and opinions, exchanging childhood memories, telling funny stories, and debating politics and social issues.
They found themselves unable to pull away from their phones, eagerly awaiting the next conversation, and a week into it, they knew it was love. The pond between them was at times a bitter aide-memoir, but most times it was a sweet catalyst for growth, honesty and transparency. Love is a powerful, wonderful thing, capable of moving mountains, transcending time, and building bridges, no matter the distance. And so it goes, that the space between them, their stories and their words, led them to the most unexpected outcome, love.