Januaribröllop på Island: Teri-Ann + Maddie

Island har ett landskap som lockar många besökare, inklusive fotografer. Att få fotografera i de dramatiska miljöerna är en dröm för många. Bröllopsfotografen Kristín Maria är baserad på Island och fotograferar ofta där, till exempel detta magiska januaribröllop som vi får ta del av idag. 

Bröllop Island

Bröllopsfotografen Kristín Maria berättar

On the 2nd of January, 2016, Teri-Ann & Maddie got married. I noticed right away, that they were good people. The kind of people you want to do right by. Their closest family was with them and you could see were the influence came from. Laughing, crying and hugging. 
The weather was pretty typical for january in Iceland. But we got lucky, as the sky was clear and in it’s best form. Pink, blue and yellow clouds were dancing around while the wind was blowing their beautiful dresses all over. As any photographer would tell you, relaxed hair and long dresses in the wind, is magic. And so it was! 
The day could not have gone any better. The reception was held in a power plant near the ceremony spot, which only added to the mood of the day. On the way back, I stole them out for a bit of sunset romance. 
Teri-Ann and Maddie were definitely dream clients and due to the work of the wonderful Pink Iceland wedding planning team, everything was perfect. They really make everything click. 

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