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Personal Wedding In San Diego With Second Hand Bargains: Aria + Chris

The wedding between Aria and Chris is beautiful, cozy and full of personal details. The culture of San Diego is often described as very relaxed and, as grown up in the city, it is of course reflected in Aria and Chris's big day. They invited about 50 people to a beautiful outdoor room of wood which they then decorated with finds from various vintage shops.

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Vintage Styled Elopement With A Lot Of Flowers Inspired By Historical Art

The photographer Dawn Derbyshire Photography was, before entering the wedding world, busy building a career in art. But after getting a master's degree in art history, she chose to give up that path to seek her own passion. But the love of art was always with her, and she knew that one day she wanted to do a photo shoot inspired by art. That day became very special to her, and today we get to take part of the result of a scene inspired by the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

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