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Wedding Inspiration With Two Elegant Wedding Dresses and Lovely Spring Colors

All of us have probably dreamed of a Hawaiian wedding, or a wedding in some other exotic place. Even if you already have a clear sketch of how you want your wedding to look, already married, or do not have a single idea of where the future wedding will take place, then it is always nice to daydream of warmer places. To a lovely, warm island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean perhaps? Today we will visualize the daydream for you, and bring you to Hawaii's second largest island: Maui.

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Inspiration for a New Year's Eve Wedding

Many get engaged on New Year’s Eve, but it it also common to get married when the new year arrives. It is a perfect day to declare your love to each other since your near and dear probably already are around to celebrate with you. But no matter if you want to get married on New Year’s Eve or not we hope you can find inspiration for any kind of gathering in this magical series of photos by the Swedish photographer Linda Eliasson.

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