A Rural Down-to-earth Wedding: Erik + Paulina

Erik and Paulina got married on July 21, 2018 in Brunflo Church, outside Östersund. The couple created a down-to-earth and genuine wedding full of musical elements that reflected their personalities. Behind the camera stood the wedding photographer Lena Larsson, who captured all the emotions and events of the day. We now have the honor to take part in this day, when the bride Paulina tells us all about the thoughts behind and during the wedding.


How the couple met

Paulina: When started flirting when we both worked as leaders at a choir camp for kids. Young love!

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Choices of clothing

Paulina: Erik hates suits. He thinks clothes should feel good and allow you to move freely. So he skipped the suit and instead wore a thickly woven white shirt and a pair of striped light blue pants, held up by his great grandfather’s old suspenders.

One problem for me was that every dress I found was so horribly ugly, haha! I am not a princess kind of girl. In the end I found a dress that was far too expensive, but that I felt so good wearing. I bought it anyway, because since I am not a very sentimental person I could imagine selling it after the wedding.

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Styling and accessories

Paulina: I did my own hair. I suppose I didn’t really trust anyone else to do it, and I didn’t feel like spending money on it. And I was really pleased with the simple yet festive result!

One of my bridesmaids lent me her beautiful droplet earrings and I wore my grandmother’s old gold arm ring that she got from my grandfather for Christmas 1970. They are no longer with us, but in this way and more they were with us on our wedding day. Our wedding rings are forged from their old ones.

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Wedding theme and inspiration

Paulina: We wanted to be surrounded by nature all day long, and we also wanted it to feel personal. We had no particular theme, but we ended up with lots of birch and blueberry details.

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The church

Paulina: We got married in my “home church” where my parents also got married, and where I was baptized. Me and Erik have spent a lot of time there, playing music for the many people who show up every Christmas eve. The reception was held at Hägragården, near where Erik’s grandfather grew up.

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The ceremony

Paulina: We are so lucky to have so many good friends who are musicians. The most important thing for us was that the music would feel right. We walked down the aisle to the song “Gøta” (an a capella piece by Swedish vocal ensemble “The Real Group”) and our friends sang it so well from the balcony. We had also put together an entire choir, who were also our guests, led by another one of our friends. The had probably only rehearsed once or twice, but it sounded amazing. They sang “Alltid dig nära” by Sofia Karlsson as we walked out, with my childhood friend Ellen Sundberg on solo. All in all there were many tears and a lot of nerves. Erik broke down crying. His little brother cried for the first time in a long time… I cried too, and there were not many dry eyes in the church. Everything felt so overwhelming and I wasn’t prepared for it to get so emotional.

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about the photographer Lena Larsson

Paulina: Erik found Lena online. I had suggested a few photographers, but Erik found their work too moody. He in turn had suggested a few, but I found them too light and 90’s. But the he found Lena and we both loved her from the start. It also turned out that she was also from our part of Sweden, and she was really anxious to “come home” and take our pictures. We could have been happier, Lena is the best! She got every guest to feel comfortable, even those who don’t like cameras. She does great art.

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best memory from the day

Paulina: It got very emotional as we waited to walk down the aisle, hearing our friends starting to sing. We stood there waiting along with Erik’s brother and my three wonderful bridesmaids, and things got almost existential.

The waltz after the dinner was also a very happy moment (we had practiced with my old dance teacher!). And the cake!

And the car ride between the church and the venue in Simon’s old Volkswagen. It felt good to have a moment to ourselves.

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Advice to others who are planning their wedding

Plan big if you want to, but let it be fun and not just a big project that has to be perfect. The most important thing is you two, and that everyone you love has come for you. Everything else is just details.

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Photography: Lena Larsson
Wedding dress: By Malina
Groom’s clothing: Pants from Claes Göran
Venue: Hägragården in Dvärsätt, Sweden