Stylish Wedding With a Vintage feel

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Contraries is something we use in many different ways. We use it to highlight and to create a depth in our creations. It's easy to think of contraries as something that should not be put together, just because they are so incredibly different. But just like with magnets, opposites work very well with each other in most cases. And the same goes for the styling of a wedding.

This styled wedding shoot took place in a magnificent house from the past, with beautiful ceilings and doors that extend far above our heads. There are detailed window handles and paintings with beautiful motifs that span an entire wall. This lays an excellent foundation for a rustic vintage wedding in the company of more modern details. And it is precisely the details that make this shoot so beautiful! The makeup for the model is made with inspiration from the minimalist modern era, and the pastries are stylish and designed to differ slightly from the detailed vintage accessories. It is simple, yet full of beautiful details and decorations. A very stylish styled wedding shoot, with beautiful photos taken by The Other Sight Photography.


The model is wearing a an amazing lace creation from Fairydress with a generous train. Wonderful!


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It is so pretty that the small details of the bride and groom are matching each other! The cufflinks and bride jewelry is a perfect match, and the combination of cement-like foundation with rosé gold on top is really a beautiful sight.


There are a lot of details regarding the bride's styling, and therefore it looks so pretty that the makeup is kept to the minimum. Besides, it is also nice just to have a touch of makeup and focus on one's natural appearance. Don´t you think?


What a yummy table of pastries! The decorations are very detailed and are woven into the entirety of the styled shoot.


Photographer The Other Sight Photography
Wedding coordinator: Fairy dress
Model: Roxane
Grooms outfit: Nisago
Location: St. Charles Hall
Movie creator: Capture The Moments
Accessoaries: Concrete Jungle
Hair jewelry: Beretkah
Speaker: Mission Love
Pastries: Mimis Cupcakes
Florist: Fiori di Aurelia
Makeup and hair: Viktoria Georgina
Calligraphy: Blatt Paiper
Decorations: Luxus Deko
Photo booth: The Photo Bus