Alternative Bridal Wear By Lisa Jansdotter

Today we get to enjoy lovely bridal wear and wonderful photography from Palma city, Mallorca. The designer Lisa Jansdotter, who is also the photographer behind the pictures, says: “What is a lukewarm early evening in a beautiful alley in Palma city? Everything! I walk slowly on my heels over the grubby cobblestones and my hand are touching the plastered façade. Green shutters, geraniums and bay leaves follow my way. The buds of the trees hang heavily from the trees in the small park and the murmur of an alley while cheering friends is heard temporarily before it becomes silent again. The light has returned after a long winter and the day is longer. More time to live, more time to enjoy. ”

With these words we look further at the warm pictures that make us long for Mallorca.

Lisa Jansdotter
Lisa Jansdotter

The lovely yellow skirt is made of 48 meters of tulle! So gorgeous and wonderful!

Lisa Jansdotter
Lisa Jansdotter

Lovely lace in different patterns and variants.

tvådelad brudklädsel

We love the 3d flowers on this skirt, absolutely magical!


Photographer: Lisa Jansdotter
Dresses: Lisa Jansdotter
Location: Palma stad
Models: @okka_marie + Amanda
Makeup and hair: Makeup by Lauren Mallorca
Fabrics: Sidencarlson