Rural June Wedding: Rebecca + Hampus

On June 30, 2018, Rebecca and Hampus got married in Odensåker's church, in Sweden. They arranged a rural wedding in a romantic style with beautiful details with Swedish summer vibes. The wedding photographer Linn Carlson was there to capture the couple's day and now we are going to take part of the pictures together with a story from the bride Rebecca.


how the couple met

Rebecca tells us: We met in Gothenburg. When I saw that the boy I was secretly fond of as a teenager moved there I saw my chance. I wrote and asked if he wanted a guided tour as he was new in Gothenburg. And he wanted to. Two years later he went down on his knees and asked if I wanted to marry him. I said yes, of course!

Rebecca: We had a rural wedding with a lot of lace, wild flowers and typewritten lettering on the placement cards. We have gotten inspired to get married from our families, friends and acquaintances. Seeing people around us share this band and by having given the one they love the promise of eternal love. That’s big.


Clothing and flowers

Rebecca: I knew my dress would have a lace and a long sleeve. Since I had a clear picture of what I wanted, it was not so difficult to find my dress. I have known for years that I wanted a flower wreath, so that’s what I chose, together with some curls in my hair. My bouquet was big and the flowers was lively and wild.

About the location

Rebecca: We had both the wedding ceremony and the party in Odensåker in Sweden, a few kilometers from where I grew up. It was the first place we checked out and after that there were no doubts. The fantastic views of Lake Östen, open fields and pastures framed with stone walls.

The ceremony

Rebecca: The ceremony was amazing. My three brides went in before me to instrumental piano music. There, my future husband stood waiting for me. I walked in to the song Perfect with Ed Sheeran in violin version. There was so much love in the church and it was awesome to get to say yes to each other infront of everyone.

Bröllop + kyrklig vigsel + kasta ris

About the photographer Linn Carlson

Rebecca: We chose Linn because of her amazing images from earlier. We felt like she would be able to capture the images we wanted. And she did!

Advice to others

Remember why you are doing this. And remember that after this big day, the rest of your life together begins.

Lantligt bröllop

Photographer: Linn Carlson
Venue: Logården i Odensåker, Mariestad
Church: Odensåkers Church
Florist: Växthuset, Skövde
Catering: Mattipset, Skara