August Wedding In A Modern Vintage Look: Edith + Daniel

Edith and Daniel got married on August 4, 2018 and arranged a lovely summer wedding with photographer Linn Carlson behind the camera. It was a lovely wedding in modern vintage style with strong colors in the flower selection. We quickly leave the words to the bride Edith who will tell us about her and Daniel's August wedding.


How the couple met

Edith: We read a course together at the University of Skövde. I always try to make it happen that it was at that course we met for the first time, but I must admit that it is not the whole truth. On the other hand, maybe that was where we really saw each other. In fact, we met during a late night in a fast food queue after the pub where we talked for a while. Before we parted, I put my hand on Daniel's shoulder and I let him think about what I meant. A few weeks later we met again at Joy, a nightclub in Skövde, and since then it has been us two.

We got engaged a little more than a year later. It was on my birthday. My birthday is in the end of July and we celebrated, like so many other birthdays, in my parents' summer cottage. In front of our families and some of our closest friends, Daniel proposed to me. Imagine to be surprised with diamonds on your birthday!

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First look - The best memory from the day

Edith: If I have to choose the best moment from the day then it’s without a doubt when I and Daniel met for the first time on the wedding day. We did not stay together the night of the wedding and so the first look was really the first look on the wedding day. He stood in the middle of a meadow with his back in the direction I came walking from. When I arrived I put my arms around him and got a "hello". I was nervous even though we know each other!

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The wedding dress + the suit

Edith: I had quite a hard time finding a dress, I thought most things looked the same and I would rather not have too much lace. I tried a bunch but didn’t find any dress that felt perfect. Finally I found a second hand one that was perfect! However, Daniel was there when I tried it and I really wanted to keep the dress a secret. In the end I found THE dress and I tried to keep that one a secret even though I might not have managed to hide the fact that I had changed my dress. But at least Daniel hadn't seen it before the wedding.

If I found it difficult to find a dress, it is only the first name of Daniel's worries to find a suit. Daniel knew early on that he wanted a beige suit. And I do not know how many suits we had at home, then sent back before he found the right one a month before the wedding.



Edith: I made my own hair accessory with a little vintage feel, and chose a pair of really blingbling earrings and a simple bracelet.


The flowers

Edith: The flowers were in cerise and pink. I was initially sure I wanted a cerise color bomb for the bridal bouquet! The bouquets for the bridesmaids went in the same expression as mine. Daniel and his bestmens each had a corsage in cerise. The bouquets and corsage were tied with hemp cord. Our children - Estrid and Algot - was also a part of it all. Estrid had a basket of flowers, but there was also room for raisins and some pens that kept her busy at least a few minutes in the church. Algot had a corsage.


The ceremony

Edith: We walked into the church together and the feeling when the church doors were opened and we saw all of our friends and family in the church benches was amazing! Daniel's cousins sang and played our favorite songs, ‘Valborg’ with Håkan Hellström, and ‘För dig’ with Lars Winnerbäck.

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bröllop vigsel

Photographer Linn Carlson
Bridal wear: Skirt - Ida Sjöstedt / Top - Zetterberg couture
Suit: Johan Lindeberg
Venue: Ljungstorps bygdegård
Florist: Blomsterhallen, Skövde
Hair stylist: Ida Lake, Lokaal
Makeup: Hanna Rapp, Lokaal
Catering: Mattias mat