Elegant August Wedding With Reception In Stockholm Archipelago

We love Mondays, because that means we have a new love story for you here at Sisters in Law! This week Alexandra and Max take us on a trip to Stockholm Archipelago, where they celebrated their love on an August day 2018. Wedding photographer Ateljé Lena captured their day, with a ceremony in Gustav Vasa's Church at Odenplan and reception in Stockholm Archipelago. Now we will let the bride Alexandra tell us about her and Max’ wedding day.

Bröllop i Skärgården
Bröllop i Skärgården

How the couple met

Alexandra: Max and I met several times on a number of different social occasions during autumn 2014 via common friends. In the beginning we were just friends but then another interest started to arise, mainly for Max who got to work quite hard to convince me. After a few months back and forth, it was finally time for a first kiss. And we've been a couple ever since.

The proposal took place right by the water on a small cape at Taxinge Castle. We are both real food lovers, so Max had booked a table at Taxinge tavern, which is a small remote fine-dining room right next to the castle. After taking courage and "popped the question" we drank champagne that Max had in a cooler bag in the trunk lid (I love champagne). Then we ate a fantastic dinner and got a half loaf of bread from the chef as congratulations.

Although we are quite different in the way we have many strong common values. And that means that our different personalities can complement each other and give each other strength. We have a common love of music, laughter, closeness to family and friends. We love to pamper each other and are each other's greatest support.

Bröllop i Skärgården
Bröllop i Skärgården
DIY bröllop

the vision

Alexandra: At first the idea was to have an outdoor wedding at Dalarö Skans. The place is incredibly beautiful and we had a clear vision ready. During the planning, however, we realized that the place was somewhat inaccessible to our older relatives and that all friends and family members we wanted to share the wedding wouldn’t fit in Dalarö Skans party room. Therefore, we decided to divide the wedding into two parts. A garden party Saturday before the wedding at Max’ parent's home and a reception on the wedding day itself. By having the ceremony in the city instead, we were able to invite all relatives and friends to the wedding ceremony and invite to two separate parties.

I have dreamt of getting married since I was a kid and have always had a clear vision of a big party. Max had no clear vision, but he wanted it to be a day to remember and a great party. We found inspiration in celebrating love and sharing the day with all our wonderful relatives and friends.

Bröllop i Skärgården

Location for the wedding

Max’ parents married out on Dalarö and we have many nice memories from the place. We can see Dalarö Skans from our summer home and when Max proposed, we agreed that it was the place we were to marry. Because we live next to the incredibly beautiful Gustav Vasa church in Stockholm, we thought it was exciting to combine the two places. During the summers, we had seen the boat Motala Express taking the wedding guests to the location, which gave us the idea to do the same. In this way we combined a wedding ceremony in town, drink on the go and dinner and party at Dalarö Skans.

Alexandra Max Dalaroskans-0101.jpg
DIY Blomster Kasta Ris Bröllop

the ceremony

We love music and knew from the beginning that we wanted the wedding to contain of a lot of love and music. Thanks to talented friends, we had a foundation to stand on and gave them the freedom to interpret our selected songs. In addition, we booked a cellist, violinist and a wonderful singer who interpreted our favorite song Poetic. Before each song, the guest could read a small text in the ceremony program about why we chose the songs and what they mean to us.

We chose: 
Johann Pachelbel - Canon i D
The Beatles - Here, There and Everywhere
Seinabo Sey - Poetic
Ted Gärdestad - Låt kärleken slå rot

Kyrklig vigsel bröllop
Bröllop vigsel

We wanted a personal ceremony. We asked around among friends and acquaintances if they had tips on a good priest. Thanks to that we got in touch with wonderful Marita Lindmark - Vreta Kloster. We went to Linköping and talked about life and knew that we had the same vision of what a marriage should be. Fortunately, she could go to Stockholm and merry us. She did a phenomenal job! We also wrote vows to each other that Marita read to us all. It felt so nice to say what we think of each other during the wedding ceremony and thus make it personal.

Alexandra Max Dalaroskans-0278.jpg

The flowers

Together with florist we talked about making a simple bouquet with a lot of life. The focus was: much greenery to match with the shoes and romantic to create a soft impression.

Alexandra Max Dalaroskans-0300.jpg

Clothing and styling

Alexandra: Although somewhat embarrassing, it is true. Since I was a kid, I have been obsessed by Maria's wedding dress in the Sound of Music. Even my whole bachelor party was in a Sound of Music theme ... The idea was actually to find a fairly simple dress. I found my dress on my first visit to Garamaj in Stocksholm and it was really a random choice. When I tried it on, it gave me goosebumps and the feeling of being contemporary and timeless at the same time. A combination I had not expected to find.

Max was looking for a double-breasted tuxedo with peak lapel. Something that is apparently impossible to find. After many months of searching, he decided on a double-breasted smoking from Rose & Born in Stockholm.

My beloved hairdresser Neda (salon at Gästrikegatan 7 in Stockholm) and I worked for several months and various rounds with the hairstyle. Thanks to her talent and our common vision of how the dress would come into focus, it became better than I could have dreamed of!

Alexandra Max Dalaroskans-0299.jpg
Alexandra Max Dalaroskans-0311.jpg
Alexandra Max Dalaroskans-0403.jpg
Bordsplacering bröllop
dukning bröllop vintageporslin

Alexandra: I did the flowers for the reception myself. Borrowed vases of family and friends. I made 60 vases of flowers that I bought from a wholesaler. It took some time but was worth it.

Alexandra Max Dalaroskans-0454.jpg
brudpar bröllopsblogg

About the photographer Ateljé Lena

The world's best Lena! She was so much more than our photographer. She was calm in the chaos and took absolutely fantastic pictures. We relied on her completely and made some "strange" shots, jumps and back pictures that turned out to be the ones that really stood out. We highly recommend her!

brudpar bröllop håruppsättning
Alexandra Max Dalaroskans-0478.jpg

Advise to others who are planning their wedding

Alexandra: Plan, structure and delegate. The checklists were many, but everything went alright. Furthermore, we did not just want to celebrate our love but also invite everyone to a great party. We thought a lot about how it would be a great day for our family and friends. For example, cold beer on the bus to the boat and a vitamin well on the way back. Furthermore, we had a lot of tapas, food and drinks.

festlokal bröllop skärgården

Photographer: Ateljé Lena
Wedding dress: Garamaj
Bridal shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Suit: Rose & Born
Venue: Dalarö Skans.
Florist: Norr Mälarstrands Blommor
Stationery:  Christel Knappe + E-print
Hair stylist: Neda
Makeup: Bystrombeauty (Linn Byström)
Catering: Dalarö Skans
Porcelain: Unika Bord