Outdoor Winter Wedding in New Zealand: Danelle + Dirk

Danelle and Dirk got married on June 8th 2013 and arranged a beautiful winter wedding in New Zealand. We know, June + winter wedding got us Swedes confused as well. But on the other side of our planet, wintertime is between June and September. So, enjoy this June winter wedding, photographed by the talented Nordica Photography. Another awesome wedding by Nordica Photography at wintertime is this: Adventurous Elopement In Lofoten, Norway: Jamie And Christopher. Check it out as well!


How the couple met

Danelle: We met at our church, Dirk always jokes and says we were the last two left over after all our friends got coupled up, so we had no choice. It definitely worked out well, I think. Dirk took me to a local park in Auckland and after having a beautiful picnic at sunset he got our dog Edison to surprise us with the ring around his neck, it was such a wonderful time and definitely memorable.

bridal makeup
bridal wear + bridal crown
wedding + friends reactions
Wedding dinner table

The venue

The first time Dirk and I drove into Poronui we knew it was going to be our wedding venue, it's truly a magical place and we felt very connected to the incredible landscape and natural surroundings.

We wanted to just add a little touch of decorations and flowers as we didn't want to take away from the amazing venue that was already there. The Blake house on the Poronui property were we had our reception is already so beautiful and really didn't need much decorating at all.

wedding decorations
table setting wedding dinner

Danelle: I just wanted to embrace winter and the natural surrounding of our venue, I definitely tried to keep things minimal but as tasteful as possible. Being apart of the wedding industry myself (photographer) I have seen an array of weddings and from the beginning Dirk and myself knew we wanted our wedding to be all about the people and not get too distracted with little details.


Obviously the venue and the landscape spoke for itself so I was inspired visually from the rustic natural surroundings at Poronui. We wanted it to feel like a big family dinner all cosy and romantic, and to us everyone there was all like family so it came together perfectly. We drunk mulled wine in one hand and toasted a marshmallow over a fire in the other all whilst being wrapped up snug in a blanket or a fur coat. We had so much fun together and would do it all over again, I am so thankful that we have the most incredible images to treasure.

Outdoor ceremony
Outdoor ceremony wedding
take a blankie wedding outdoor ceremony
wedding stationery
groom waiting for bride

The Ceremony

Danelle: The ceremony went so fast as I'm sure it does for everybody, the best memory was though, looking out and seeing all our closest and dearest around us in support. I also loved saying my vowels to Dirk, those promises are so important and intimate that you make to one another and I made sure I soaked it up.

bride arrives wedding
bride and groom outdoor ceremony
outdoor ceremony wedding
outdoor ceremony wedding
outdoor ceremony wedding
outdoor ceremony wedding
throwing rice wedding
bride and groom wedding

Clothing and styling

Danelle: We wanted to keep things pretty classic when it came to what we wanted to wear, I've known Michelle from Rue De Seine and have always loved their dresses so it made things pretty easy for me. We also really like what Crane Brothers do and they looked after Dirk really well with his suit.

wedding portrait
Bridal bouquet roses
wedding portrait

About the photographers at Nordica Photography

Danelle: Being a wedding photographer myself I already knew about Nordica Photography and the amazing work they do. I'm so grateful that they where willing to travel halfway across the world all the way from Sweden to New Zealand to be apart of our day. We are still to this day so overwhelmed with emotion when we look at our photos, it takes us back to the most amazing day and we can't thanks them enough for capturing it so beautifully.


Advice to others who are planning their wedding

Danelle: One thing I recommend to brides and grooms who are planning there wedding is to pause every 15 minutes of your wedding day and take it all in... then you can treasure the feelings and memories and it doesn't feel like one big blur the next day.

wedding photography

Photographer: Nordica Photography
Bridal wear: Rue De Seine (Louvre Dress)
Suit: Crane Brothers
Venue: Poronui Lodge New Zealand
Florist: Leaf & Honey Flowers 
Catering: Yum Food Company