Independent Bridal Portrait With Inspiration To An Alternative Bridal Fashion

At Sisters in Law, we want to spread a message about new thinking, creativity and personality in weddings. Daring to break standards and going your own way instead of listening too much to all the "musts" before your wedding day. The artistic wedding photographer Frkn Falkman is not afraid to break standards. Amanda portrays the bride in a non-traditional way and brings out a cocky and independent style along with the beautiful. An April day last year she teamed up with another wedding photographer - Nadja Endler, who acted as a model and together they show an alternative bridal fashion and another way to portray the bride.


The photographer Amanda Falkman tells us about the shoot

Nadja Endler. A kindhearted and talented woman who started out as an Instagram crush (who later turned out to be mutual - yay) and today is a close friend and colleague. She is a fantastic photographer, hysterically funny and so senselessly beautiful. I both want to be her and have her.

Lucky me that she let herself be photographed a Stockholm afternoon in April last year. My ambition was to show some kind of alternative bridal fashion that Nadja herself styled together and together we created a runaway bride-character that in leopard patterned coat and unbuttoned boots is late for her own wedding. Certainly a couple of hours, at least. But she doesn’t care. Because she hears the whisper and buzz of the revolution that vibrates.

Fotograf: Frkn Falkman