Colorful Circus Themed Wedding: Natalie + Marcus

For those of you who have read the very first issue of Sisters in Law Magazine, Issue 01, which was released almost exactly a year ago, you will recognize Natalie and Marcus’ wedding. It is a wedding photographed by Linda Eliasson and it is a wedding that warms our hearts. Why? Because it is relaxed, creative, colorful and magnificent. The bride and groom have really invested in a festive day and there are so many wonderful details that make this wedding so unique and incredibly inspiring. When Natalie and Marcus planned their wedding, they knew they wanted a theme. They wanted it to be really playful and relaxed. Therefore, they chose a circus theme and invested in making the day really feel like a circus from arrival to end. And it became a really beautiful and awesome circus wedding - we can promise you that!

brud bröllop

HOw the couple met

Natalie: We met at a wedding in Central Park, New York. Marcus was a close friend of the bride and groom who came in from Sweden but wanted a small personal wedding in New York. I was there as a guest to a friend but had met the bride and groom on several occasions when they all lived studied in Lund, Sweden. At that time, Marcus lived in Germany so even if the opportunity should have existed, our roads were never crossed. Until this awesome wedding, which after the ceremony in the park offered a fantastic dinner at a restaurant where we sat in the wine cellar and then finished at a bar with salsa dancing. There, outside in the rain under a parasol, Marcus kissed me for the first time.

I took courage and sent a text message on the way home to Sweden and a week later, we went on our first date and I practically moved in with Marcus after that.

In April 2011 we had booked a long trip to Greece. A couple of weeks before our departure, we found out that we were expecting children. Not planned but very happy news. What I didn't know was that Marcus already planned a marriage proposal before the trip. I felt that Marcus was looking for a good lookout, which a cloudy day when the rain was hanging in the air led us on a long walk because Marcus had to look at a lighthouse. I needed to pee long before we even saw the lighthouse and as soon as it glimpsed behind a hill I thought it was time to turn around. But Marcus insisted to continue and at the lighthouse he fell to his knees and asked if I wanted to be Mrs Skoglund!

The wedding dress

Natalie: At first, I wanted a large blue tulle skirt and a lace top. I ordered a skirt from the US which I tried on with 10 tops in different ways. But nothing felt completely right. I had also seen a dress from the brand Self Portrait. It was one of the first pictures I saved on Pinterest. When I was visiting my bridesmaid Anna in London we were looking for the dress but it was sold out everywhere because it was from a previous collection. I was looking for the dress online but it was also sold out. However, I finally found the dress on half price via a selling site. The next day, I went to pick it up!

self portrait brudklänning

Marcus: When Natalie pointed out that it was time to look at a suit, I took the car to a shopping center and came home with the outfit for the wedding.

We had decided that there would be similar bow ties on both the groom and the best men. We found Metzerverket which had bow ties that felt luxurious, fine and with "circus colors" that suited the wedding theme color theme. To get the circus director's feeling, I took a gold hat and a stick with me in the boat.

Metzerverket is one of Sisters in Law’s own brands. Check out the collection below.


Natalie: We knew for a long time that a barn or greenhouse is what we are looking for. Ideally we wanted to find a room where there was a nice place for the ceremony, but also where we would have time to decorate. When we first visited Tängsta Farm, it was obvious that it was the right place for us, but when it was fully booked in the coming years we had to push it for another year. More time for decorations!

dukning bröllop

We had a small scene where the speakers had to go when they would speak, piñatas hanging on the ceiling that was hoisted down when we were to open the dance floor. Our head table was framed with red velvet curtains with gold tassels on the sides and several of the candlesticks in brass with animals such as monkeys, lions and bears.

Hanna, our florist then made sure to decorate with absolutely fantastic flowers and bands that made the finishing touches.

The food had themes from places that are special to us. For starters we had tacos because Marcus was been in Mexico a lot and has friends there. The main course represented New York with a delicious barbecue buffet. The dessert symbolized the engagement in Greece with yogurt ice cream, lemoncurd and roasted pistachios. For the evening, we got Samosas with mint dips, inspired from when I lived in South Africa.

just married
dukning bröllop
dukning bröllopsfest
välkommen bröllop
popkorn bröllop
dekorationer bröllop

The ceremony

Natalie: We knew right from the start that we didn't want to get married in a church. Most of all we wanted an outdoor ceremony, and luckily there was a fantastic wedding venue at Tängsta farm. We kept our fingers crossed all summer that it would be a nice day so that we could actually have the wedding outdoor as planned. It was a magically beautiful day!

In order for everyone to relax and feel that it was truly a relaxed wedding ceremony, the guests got popcorn and beer when they arrived. Circus music was played from the speakers and when it was time for Marcus entrance, DJ "Jämtpelle" played a song that suited well when Marcus and his best men stepped down into the little oak that would take them over the lake. In the middle of the water, however, it started to smoke from the boat and the song that was played was "Should I stay or should I go", luckily he decided to steer the boat towards land where Marcus best men sprinkled rose petals in front his feet to the tones of a balkan tune.

brudgum vigsel
brudgum entré
brudgum entré

Our children then led the bridal party and me and my father down to the ceremony to "take five" which has been re-recorded in Swedish by Monica Zetterlund.

brud entré
brud brudbukett
brudbuketter bröllop
brudklänning self portrait
håruppsättning bröllop

About the wedding photographer LInda Eliasson

Natalie: Linda… Everyone should get a Linda! And it's hard to put words on how amazing she is. I had googled around on several photographers but there was something in Linda's color choice and how she caught moments. We didn't want rigidly styled portraits. I wrote to her and after our first meeting there was no chance that we would hire another photographer! Linda is a fantastic person and she has also been like an extra friend.

pimp your prosecco
bröllop cirkustema

Advice to others who are planning their wedding

  • Let it take time and have fun while you plan

  • Do it your way and ignore what you “should do”, and so on.

  • Ask for help from great friends who can support you, plan, help and make sure everything is flowing.

  • Hire good suppliers, people whom you feel safe with so that you can focus on the day and enjoy every moment

cirkustema bröllop

Photographer: Linda Eliasson
Venue: Tängsta Gård, Köping, Sweden
Catering: Surdegsbageriet, Köping
Florist: Hanna Burgers växtträdgård i Köping 
Makeup: Sophia Starsofbeauty 
Hair: Ingrid, Salong Complete
Wedding dress: Self Portrait
Bow ties: Metzerverket
Ring: Guldsmed Lancing 
Popcorn + Slush: Glasspojkarna
Music: Musik event