Elegant May Wedding In Green House: Anna + Dennis

Anna and Dennis got married on a beautiful May day in Stockholm, Sweden. They arranged their wedding dinner in the Bergianska Garden, an incredibly beautiful wedding venue. The bride and groom tells us that they were inspired by each other for the day, and wanted love, laughter, simplicity and nature to characterize the day. As a photographer, they chose the Stockholm-based wedding photographer Birgit Walsh who has captured the day in a beautiful and dreamy way.

The groom Dennis will now tell us more about his and Anna's elegant wedding.

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How the couple met

Dennis: We met through common friends. Anna and her friends were going to Stockholm for a weekend together and needed a place to sleep and asked if they could sleep at my place. I said yes, but mentioned that I had to arrange a friend's 30-year party and that I was going to photograph my very first wedding during this weekend as well. It was not love at first sight because I was busy and Anna thought I was a strange type who had people at home but didn’t want to hang out with them. In the evening when they were going out chose not to join them. First and foremost because I had photographed a wedding all day and also since it was the world championship in soccer, England vs Italy.

After the weekend I added Anna on Facebook and we started talking there, where, among other things, I apologized and said that the next time she comes to Stockholm I would show her around and show another side of myself!

The next time she came to Stockholm we would spend 2 days together out of 7, but we liked to be with each other so much that it ended with us spending every day with each other. The journey has continued from there and I love her even more for every day. After a year I already knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. So I started the search for a ring. I knew she didn't want to get engaged with people around so I decided to make it easy at home instead. I made a video with pictures of us who told the story of us together while I had prepared a speech. It didn't really go as it should because Anna was so shocked that I had to get up to hug her - but everything ended well with a yes!

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The wedding dress

Dennis: Anna is a designer, so she chose to design her own dress, which then was made in Hong Kong.

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The ceremony

The ceremony was stressful at first! We had chosen the amphitheater and confirmed with the city of Stockholm that it was free the day we would get married. While Anna was doing her makeup, I went over and there were people working putting up speakers because they would hold a party for 800 people that day. So I had to find a new place for the ceremony incredibly fast and to notify all guests that the place has been changed. We have such wonderful friends who help us with this!

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About the photographer BIrgit Walsh

When we were looking for a photographer, we wanted someone to photograph naturally, but that it would not be too bright images that are "backlit". We sat and googled but by pure chance we went to a wedding fair in Stockholm and met Birgit. The first thing that caught our interest was the natural pictures and the other was the green hues that was in the photos she had taken. When we talked to Birgit, we also realized that this is someone we really can talk to. It was important for us to be able to have a relationship with the photographer so that we can also be more natural in photos and Birgit was really the right person for us! That is why we are so pleased with our pictures too!

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Advice to others who are planning their wedding

  • Have an clear idea of how you want your wedding to be because it makes the planning much easier. Research makes the rest of the work so much better! When people ask us how much time we spent on planning, we say that we really did not do so much because we had a clear idea of how it would be from the beginning.

  • Then it is important to love each other and have the right conditions with each other. Things will not be exactly as you want them and that's okay. The most important thing is that you are saying yes to spending the rest of your life with each other, not that the table setting should be perfect or that some things are not in the right color (or that you have to change the wedding place 2h before marriage ...).


Photography: Birgit Walsh Photography
Wedding dress: Own design by the birde
Suit: Tiger of Sweden
Venue: Gamla Orangeriet, Stockholm, Sweden
Bridal bouquet: Liljeros Blombinderi 
Stationery: DIY
Hair + makeup: Glamly Beauty