Flowery Yellow Spring Feelings

After seeing the week's love story from warm Tuscany, we suspect that many of you yearn for spring and summer, right? Today we let the spring come early, when the designer Lisa Jansdotter together with her wedding network add color in the middle of winter and hopefully this attracts the spring. Lisa also tells about the thoughts behind the photo shoot.

as Lisa Jansdotter tells us

I love weather and I love winter! But as a fashion designer and photographer I also like to look forward, in order to lie at the forefront when it comes to fashion style and color. In the early spring of 2019 yellow is coming strong, and together with amazing friends and entrepreneurs I have created this styled shoot.

One sunny november morning we defied the grim cold of the northwestern wind and let our brave model Zabrina Gabriella (who wears my design) pose in a beautiful castle garden. The dress was so beautiful against the frosty ground and the reed. The dress was completed by adding some lovely flowers and jewelry, and to top it all of we made a beautiful matching cake.

With this shoot we want to spread the feeling of the coming spring, to help us through the darker time of the year.

Lisa Jansdotter

We highlight the ocra yellow color with a lovely flowery fabric. I created a off shoulder dress with a little train and bohemian organza sleeves that is lasting, washable and easy to wear.

The florist combined the reds of ranunculuses and tulips with elements of blue and a green base in order to match the colors of the dress. She also attached flowers of detachable bands, here worn around the arms and décolletage.

lisa jansdotter stockholm

The flower pattern on the actual cake is painted by hand with edible colors. The bottom of the cake is yellow to match the dress. We love these little details - it is what we’re good at!

gul klänning

Thank you Lisa, and the rest of the team, for bringing warming inspiration in the winter time!

Photographer och designer: Lisa Jansdotter
Location: Tyresö slott, Sweden
Model: Zabrina Gabriella
Make up: Absolutely Gorgeous
Flowers: Syster Blom
Cake: Cake Couture
Jewelry: Caroline Swedbom och Star Studios