Sisters In Law Loves: Wedding Arches From Further Still Artistry

You can mark the ceremony spot in many ways. Sometimes it is enough with two well-placed trees in a forest, in a completely open field or on a pier. A wedding arch is another way of marking the place and there are also different ones to choose from. Today we wish to show you some lovely arches from Further Still Artistry who sell handmade wedding arches via their Etsy-store.


A wedding arch can get different expressions. Choose not to adorn it at all, decorate with fabrics, add a lot of flowers, or as in this case only add flowers in a corner of the arch.

wedding arch etsy.jpg
Arch wedding.jpg

Here’s a similar shape, but with even more flowers.


This one has to be our favorite!

etsy archs.jpg
Wedding archs.jpg

What wedding arch did you like the most? Visit Further Still Artistry for a closer look at them all.

Wedding blog.jpg