5 Ways To Use Pantone's Color Of The Year At Your Wedding

The American color company Pantone annually designates this year's color, which this year happen to be coral. In weddings it is a fairly ordinary, decorative color. It’s a good pop of color, because it is colorful but still kind of gentle. We often see the color on the bridesmaids' dresses, among the flowers in the bridal bouquet or as a detail on the dinner table. At Sisters in Law we are very pleased that the color Living Coral, which Pantone named it, has become the color of the year. We believe that there is plenty of room to experiment and play around in the spectrum of the coral color, something we believe will be encouraged now that coral has received such attention. Therefore, today we want to share with us five different ways, big and small, to incorporate coral into your wedding. Do you have more ideas? Let us know!

1. Bridesmaid’s dresses

We begin with how we usually see how colors are used in weddings. Three bridesmaid dresses in the same model and color where a similar tone has been added in the bridal bouquet. An easy way to let a specific color get attention.

Photographer:  Alice Mahran

Photographer: Alice Mahran

2. Painted silverware

To spice up the silverware slightly - paint them! Choose a nice color, such as coral, and get creative. Cover the entire fork in one color, make patterns on the shafts, work with different shades. It will definitely give your wedding a lovely DIY vibe! Check out this post for inspiration: DIY Painted Silverware.

3. Create a color explosion

Coral is a typical color that works well with shades on the opposite side of the color spectrum. Take advantage of it and get a real color explosion! Coral go particularly good with the blue part of the spectrum, because they are opposites to each other. It also works very nicely with orange, as you can see below.

4. Stationery

Of course, the stationery for your wedding is an excellent way to put some extra color of the day. As early as when sending out the Save The Date cards, you have the opportunity to show to your guests what they can expect at your wedding regarding color and style. Be creative!

5. Accessories

Last but not least you can go bananas with the accessories for your wedding. Bow ties, handkerchiefs, socks, your shoes, nail polish, hair accessories - everything is possible here! Splurge or choose something minimalist. If you are looking for bow ties or handkerchiefs in a specific color, we at Sisters in Law can help you with that through our brand Metzerverket. Simply send any fabric to us and you will get bowties, handkerchiefs and even fabric cufflinks if you’d like. Write to info@metzerverket.se to get started with such an order!