New Wedding Year - Wedding Trends 2019 And News From Sisters In Law

HELLO wedding year 2019! We are so excited to enter a new year of weddings, and we know that there are many couples out there, who are excited to really start planning their wedding after the Christmas holiday. If you are planning a spring or summer wedding and still not have sent out your invitations cards, booked a wedding photographer or other services to your wedding, then it is time to do so now.

News from Sisters in Law

Sisters in Law becomes bilingual

This day (1 January, 2019) is a bit special for us because we are launching Sisters in Law in English - HURRAY! This is something that both creators from the business and readers abroad have been asking for and we are so excited to finally launch this English version! We are currently translating a lot of content from our 3 years as a Swedish wedding blog, so that you guys can enjoy older blog posts as well as all the new ones that we are publishing daily.

Please follow our new English Facebook page + our Instagram for daily updates.


Ellen Marie Bridal by Sisters in Law is our own collection of tulle skirts in different colors. We want to offer a wide color spectrum of tulle skirts for all brides to be, and have recently released a sky blue and a dark pink skirt, both with a short train. Do you want to get in touch with us regarding the tulle skirts, maybe if you have a color you are looking for and cannot find? Write to and we will help!

Wedding trends 2019

Lets change the topic to the most exciting part - the wedding trends for 2019! During the past year, we have been inspired by both real weddings and styled photo shoots where brides and creators have shared their creativity. That is what sets the foundation for 2019. What will we bring into 2019 and what can we live without?

Pampas Grass

We have seen a lot of pampas grass as a new detail in both bouquets and decorations. This will become more and more popular in 2019, especially in the bohemian wedding style.

more flowers in the bridal bouquets

Well, we think there will be less greenery and more flowers in the bridal bouquets. We also believe that more and more brides will choose simpler expressions and maybe just choose one kind of flower, as in the picture below. Something we also hope for is to see more unexpected elements, which we often see in styled shoots. For example, vegetables as an "ingredient" in the bouquet. Check out this blog post to see what we mean by that: Get inspired by 45 bridal bouquets for your wedding.

Photographer:  Linn Carlson

Photographer: Linn Carlson

Color of 2019

Pantone has chosen 2019's color and it is coral, or more precisely PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral. That we would see extra much of that color this year feels very likely, but perhaps just because coral is such an easy color to wedding. Last year's color was ultra violet, a color we hardly saw among this year's real weddings. But we believe that coral will appear more, both by choice or by “accident“.

More everyday fashion in bridal wear and styling

That brides go from the traditional expression and choose a regular dress instead of a bridal dress is something we are used to seeing nowadays. However, in 2019, we believe that brides who choose the alternative bridal fashion will take it to the next one level. We see more edgy wedding fashion and more color. It is not just choosing a white dress from any fashion brand, but it will be a more conscious choice, both in terms of sustainability and style. To ignore the traditional color white and instead choosing a more colorful expression is also something we believe in seeing even more in 2019.

When it comes to styling, we see that the casual hair up do or no up do at all, will dominate. A natural styling will be the key.

Photographer: Baptiste Hauville

Photographer: Baptiste Hauville

Groom’s Fashion

Here is a somewhat slower development than when it comes to the bride's choice of attire. However, we see that the groom's fashion goes in the same direction as the bride's, to the more relaxed but still fashionable way. Playful pattern on ties and bow ties, maybe skip the jacket and roll up the sleeves of the shirt.

Sustainable weddings

Sustainability is something that characterizes our time and in 2019 we see that more and more couples are consciously thinking about all the details of the wedding. Choosing second hand, reuse and having a general conscious mind will be important for many, without compromising on quality or style.

the location

Many couples are choosing to organize their wedding in rustic hall or barns and here we see an increasing demand for 2019 and 2020. However, we also see that this demand cannot be met due to a lack of such locations. Therefor, we believe that we will see more garden and forest weddings and wedding dinners in unexpected places. We have previously seen weddings where dinner and party took place in warehouses and old breweries and we adore such choices! Everything is possible and here we believe that we will see more creativity from bridal couples in 2019 and 2020.

Photographer:  Couple of Prague

Photographer: Couple of Prague

Do you see any other wedding trends for 2019? Let us know what you think in a comment below!