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Forest Wedding In The Heart Of Sweden: Astrid + Isak

Astrid and Isak got married on August 18, 2018 in the middle of Sweden, the same place where their history started in 2011. The theme for the wedding day was nature-oriented and rustic where they wanted to get a mix of both their home areas, Astrid with a dense forests and Isak with north of Sweden’s high mountain peaks. With forests, lakes and open fields, the couple were surrounded by both nature and their loved ones, this beautifully cloudy August day.

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Adventurous Elopement In Lofoten, Norway: Jamie And Christopher

What is it about Lofoten in Norway that makes it such a popular place? Well, just look at these photographs of Jamie’s and Christopher’s elopement by Nordica Photography. The scenery is breathtaking and that was the reason Jamie and Christopher, with their adventurous hearts, chose to challenge the cold climate and elope there on a March day in 2018.

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